Mehron Clown White Professional Face Paint Cream Makeup – Ultra-White Stage Makeup for Mimes, Performers, Actors and Halloween



Discover the brilliant white cream makeup that professionals have trusted since 1927. Mehron’s Clown White face paint delivers ultra-smooth, highly pigmented coverage that withstands even the most demanding performances. This versatile white makeup foundation is loved by clowns, mimes, actors, Halloween enthusiasts, and cosplayers for its intense, opaque finish and comfortable feel.

Ultra-White, Ultra-Smooth Professional Grade Formula

Mehron’s Clown White features an advanced creamy formula that lays down bright, stark white coverage without drying out or cracking. The highly pigmented cream makeup covers effectively in a single application, eliminating the need for touchups and heavy layers during long productions. Mehron’s professional clown white makeup owes its flawless finish to premium pigments that deliver intense opacity whileremaining incredibly smooth and easy to blend.

The rich cream formula offers buildable medium-to-full coverage that doesn’t look heavy or cakey. It glides onto skin smoothly without dragging or skipping. The makeup feels weightless and comfortable for extended wear. The flexible cream works well on the face and body without exaggerating fine lines or texture. It also doesn’t settle into facial creases or body folds.

Made for Pros, Loved by All

Mehron formulated its Clown White face paint to meet the needs of professional performers under harsh stage lighting and demanding conditions. The ultra-pigmented cream covers boldly without fading or transferring onto costumes and props. The smooth cream blends seamlessly along hair and wig lines for a natural look.

Mehron’s Clown White continues to be the #1 choice of Hollywood and Broadway professionals. But you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy the flawless coverage. The versatile white makeup is perfect for amateurs, costume enthusiasts, and Halloween thrill-seekers. It makes creating mime, clown, zombie, vampire, and ghost looks easy and fun.

Use Less, Cover More

A little Mehron Clown White covers a lot of skin thanks to its concentrated pigments. The ultra-rich cream glides over skin smoothly, covering boldly without looking heavy or cakey. It spreads easily without dragging or skipping. The makeup also doesn’t settle into facial lines or accentuate skin texture.

The highly pigmented formula allows you to use less makeup while covering more skin. One 2.25 oz jar holds a generous amount of cream that goes a long way. The makeup can be used on both the face and body without needing touchups. Mehron Clown White is available in multiple sizes to suit your coverage needs.

Tips for Flawless Application

Applying Mehron Clown White is easy thanks to its velvety texture. Always start with a clean, dry base. Warm a small amount between fingers before dabbing onto skin and blending outwards. Use a light, tapping motion to prevent streaking. Slowly build coverage in thin layers for a perfect opaque finish.

Use a damp sponge for sheerer coverage and more natural look. Finish by setting with translucent powder to lock in the flawless white coverage. Mehron Clown White pairs perfectly with Mehron’s variety of colorful creams, powders, and accessories. Remove with makeup remover and soap at the end of the day.

Trusted Brand Since 1927

Mehron has been an industry leader in professional theatrical makeup for over 95 years. The brand’s cosmetics and special effects makeup are trusted by Hollywood and Broadway artists to perform under demanding conditions.

Mehron maintains exceptional standards for quality, performance, and safety. All products are rigorously tested before hitting the market. Mehron believes in cruelty-free beauty and manufactures its award-winning makeup line in the USA.

Bring Your Stage Look to Life

Discover the brilliantly white cream makeup trusted by professionals for unbeatable coverage and comfort. Mehron Clown White Makeup delivers intense opacity, smooth application, and comfortable all-day wear. Create stunning mime, zombie, vampire, clown, and ghost looks with ease.

Mehron Clown White is a makeup kit must-have for Halloween enthusiasts, performers, cosplayers, and SFX artists. Treat yourself to premium quality without the premium price tag. Let your inner clown shine through with Mehron’s professional Clown White Makeup today!


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