Mebver False Eyelashes Cat Eye Lashes Faux Mink Lashes Natural Look Fluffy Wispy Lashes That Look Like Extensions Pestañas Postizas D Curl Lash Strips Short Fox Eye Lashes 7 Pairs Pack



Give your eyes an instant makeover with these luxurious yet affordable Mebver false eyelashes! These faux mink lashes feature a wispy, fluttery cat eye design that will take your look from day to night in seconds. Made with premium materials, these lashes are ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Unbeatable Quality

Handmade with 100% premium materials, these false eyelashes feature soft and flexible cotton bands coated in durable and lightweight faux mink. The bands are designed to hug the lash line for a seamless blend with your natural lashes. Meanwhile, the tapered ends prevent poking and scratching.

The lush, fluffy faux mink fibers are shaped into a D curl design that lifts and extends lashes for a wide-eyed, doll-like effect. Cut and layered by hand, the tapered lengths create a graduated look that accentuates your eyes’ natural shape. Whether you’re going for a subtle enhancement or a show-stopping cat eye, these wispy lashes have you covered.

Featherlight Comfort

Who wants to deal with heavy, uncomfortable false lashes all night? Not us! That’s why Mebver designed these faux mink lashes to be ultra lightweight and pain-free. The flexible cotton band allows total freedom of movement without tugging at your lash line. Meanwhile, the tapered ends eliminate scratching and excess glue buildup. Even after hours of wear, these lashes remain weightless and comfortable.

Reusable Design

With proper care, these false eyelashes can be worn again and again! After each use, gently remove glue residue and store lashes in the included plastic case to protect the shape. Over time, you may notice some shedding of the faux mink fibers. This is normal wear and tear. With lash adhesive, you can reapply any fibers that fall out. Enjoy these lashes over and over for countless glamorous looks!

Flattering Cat Eye Style

Channel retro Hollywood glam with this chic cat eye lash design! Mebver’s talented lash artists carefully cut and layer the wispy faux mink fibers into an elongated, winged shape. This creates the illusion of a slim, feline eye effect. It also adds incredible length, volume, and lift for bold impact.

Cat eye false lashes are more dramatic than your average strip lash but still retain a fluttery, natural effect. The crisscrossed lengths accentuate your eyes’ shape for next-level glam. Yet the soft, feather-like fibers blend seamlessly with your real lashes. Take your look from everyday to bombshell instantly!

Perfect for Any Occasion

Dress up any look for parties, dates, weddings, photoshoots, and special events with these luxe lashes. The cat eye shape and volume adds drama and intrigue, while the fluffy, wispy fibers still appear soft and natural. Play up your eyes for evenings out or keep it more low-key for daytime wear.

Here are some occasions we recommend:

  • Weddings – Stand out in photos with fluttery, romantic lashes.
  • Girls’ Night Out – Amp up the glam for a night out dancing.
  • Date Night – Give him heart eyes with these eyelash extensions dupe.
  • Parties – Draw attention with fuller, eye-catching lashes.
  • Prom – Complete your glam prom beauty look.
  • Everyday – Even dressed down, these add a dose of glamour.

Wherever you’re headed, these faux mink strip lashes make a gorgeous addition!

How to Apply:

Applying false eyelashes can take some practice. Follow these tips for easy, flawless application:

  1. Trim lashes to fit your eyes if needed. Measure against your lash line.
  2. Apply lash adhesive along the band and wait 30 seconds until tacky.
  3. Look down into a mirror and gently press onto lash line from corners to center.
  4. Adjust the band to hug your lash line, pressing down edges.
  5. Apply mascara to blend with your natural lashes if needed.

Pro tip: Tweezers can help grip the lash band for easy, precise application.

For undeniable impact, accent your new lush lashes with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Create anything from a subtle, everyday eye look to a full-on smoky eye. Take your pick of 7 pairs of lashes for endless mix and match options. The possibilities are endless with these luxe yet affordable false lashes!

Unbeatable Customer Service

Experience premium quality and care when you choose Mebver lashes. We rigorously hand inspect each pair during the manufacturing process to ensure flawless quality and consistency. However, if you happen to receive a defective product, just contact us through Your Orders to request a replacement pair. We’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Experience the luxury of mink at a fraction of the price! Add these reusable, uber-comfortable faux mink false lashes to your cart today. Your eyes will thank you!


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