McKesson Cotton-Tipped Applicator Swabs – Sterile 6″ Swabsticks, 100 Count



Apply and cleanse with precision using McKesson Cotton-Tipped Applicator Swabs. Each pack contains 100 sterile 6 inch swabs with absorbent cotton tips ideal for medical or cosmetic use.

Individually wrapped wood shafts maintain sterility for hygienic, one-time application. Use for dispensing solutions, medications, or cosmetics then discard after single use.

Absorbent, Sterile Cotton Tips

The cotton tips reliably absorb topical solutions, medications, skin care products, cosmetics or cleaning agents.

Sterile manufacturing and individual paper wraps prevent contamination between uses. Discard after one use for infection control.

Safely apply products to the skin or face. Use to gently cleanse wounds, access hard-to-reach areas or remove cosmetics.

Sturdy, Splinter-Free Wood Shafts

Each 6 inch applicator features a sturdy, splinter-free wood shaft to comfortably reach all areas of the body.

Easily access tight spaces like ears, nostrils, and corners of the eyes. Ideal for wound cleaning or applying ointments.

The rigid handle prevents bending or breaking during application. Smooth, sanded wood won’t snag delicate skin.

Precision Tip for Controlled Application

The tapered cotton tip allows for precise product application. Handily covers small areas without contaminating surrounding skin.

Controlled tip shape lets you neatly apply creams around eyes, on lips or for cosmetic touch-ups. Use the fine tip for exact product placement.

Avoid messy smearing and waste. Only dispense solutions where needed for efficiency.

Disposable and Non-Sterile Options

McKesson also offers jumbo cotton swabs in bulk non-sterile packs for cost savings. Sterile options with plastic shafts are available too.

Select the quantity, tip style, shaft material and sterility needed for your particular application.

We also carry cotton balls, tipped applicators, and gauze squares for all your first aid needs.

Rely on McKesson Quality

McKesson is a trusted brand in medical supplies, ensuring these cotton swabs adhere to high industry standards.

Our stringent quality control and sterile manufacturing provide reliable single-use products for your safety.

Stock your medical, cosmetic or cleaning supplies with premium McKesson cotton-tipped applicators.

McKesson Cotton Swabs At-a-Glance:

  • ⭐ Sterile cotton tips, wood shaft
  • 💉 Individually wrapped
  • 🔬 Absorbent application
  • ⚕️ Precision 6 inch length
  • 🧴 100 count supply

Apply solutions and cleanse with precision using McKesson Cotton-Tipped Applicator Swabs. Sterile and disposable for safety.


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