Maybelline Unstoppable Waterproof Mechanical Black Eyeliner Pencil For Bold, Smudge-Free Looks



Define your eyes and create bold, beautiful looks that last with the Maybelline Unstoppable Waterproof Mechanical Black Eyeliner. This pencil eyeliner features a self-sharpening tip and waterproof formula that delivers precision, control and stay-all-day definition.

Get ready to make a statement! With its rich, deep black pigment, this eyeliner pencil lets you create everything from delicate natural lines to dramatic cat eyes and smoky looks. The smooth formula glides on easily without tugging or skipping, allowing you to achieve clean, crisp lines in a single stroke. The built-in sharpener ensures a fine point for effortless application along the lash line or inner rims.

Once applied, the waterproof formula won’t budge, smear or fade – even if your day takes you from work to working out. No need for constant touch ups! The smudge-resistant formula sets quickly and lasts up to 24 hours. Say goodbye to panda eyes and running liner. This eyeliner is designed to withstand all of life’s little mishaps – from accidental rubs to tears – so you can look flawless around the clock.

As an everyday staple, this black eyeliner pencil is ideal for framing eyes, making them appear larger and more defined. Glide it along upper and lower lash lines for an instant eye-opening effect. For added allure, connect the upper and lower liner to create a sultry cat eye look. The dark color complements all eye colors beautifully, making blue, green and hazel eyes really pop. But don’t stop there! Experiment with different liner looks to define your unique style.

This versatile eyeliner also excels at creating smoky eye looks. Line eyes as desired, then smudge slightly before the formula sets for a sexy, lived-in smudgy effect. The waterproof formula ensures the rest of the liner stays put without further smudging. For an amped up night look, use an eye shadow brush to blend out the liner. The result is a smoldering smoky eye that’s guaranteed to get attention.

Already got your signature eyeliner look down pat? Switch up your usual black liner with fun brights! This eyeliner formula also comes in electric blue, emerald green and bold purple. Try complementing black liner with a pop of color along just the bottom lash line. Or go for a full-on colorful cat eye when you’re feeling playful. The vibrant options add eye-catching excitement to any makeup routine.

As the number one global eye makeup brand, Maybelline understands that the right eyeliner can make all the difference. Eyeliner takes eyes from bare to bold by defining shape, adding depth and drawing focus. But with so many formulas, shades and looks to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find your perfect product match. That’s why Maybelline’s team of makeup artists and product developers have worked tirelessly to create easy-to-use, high-performing eyeliners for all needs.

The Maybelline portfolio offers pencil, liquid, gel, felt tip, mechanical and retractable eyeliners to enable virtually any liner look imaginable. Pencils like this one are ideal for precision application and blending, while liquid formulas offer dramatic intensity. Gel and cream eyeliners provide creamy soft lines, and felt and brush tips allow drawing pen-like lines with ease. Retractable liners mean no sharpening required! With Maybelline eyeliners, you have all the tools needed to accentuate your eyes for any occasion.

Whatever your signature eyeliner style – from barely-there to bold and graphic – Maybelline has you covered. Define eyes subtly for day with soft brown liners. Make hazel eyes pop with intense blacks and violets. Give your look a dose of edge with a graphic cat eye in a bold jewel-tone like emerald green or sapphire blue. The possibilities are endless! Maximize the shaping power of eyeliner to take any eye look to the next level.

Enhance your natural eye shape or totally transform it with Maybelline’s versatile collection. Play up almond eyes with a classic cat eye. Make round eyes appear longer with swept up wings. Brighten up hooded eyes by lining just the outer halves. Lift and elongate downturned eyes by extending the flicks. Disguise wide-set eyes by connecting the liner on inner and outer corners. Or show off your peepers with bold lower-lash lining on deep-set eyes. Whatever your eye shape, Maybelline eyeliner empowers you to accentuate it like a pro!

In addition to endless liner looks, Maybelline’s total eye makeup collection lets you create any eye look imaginable. Experiment with color and texture using the brand’s highly pigmented, creamy eyeshadows. Max out your lashes with the iconic Maybelline mascaras, loaded with bold pigments and innovative brushes for clump-free volume. Shape and fill brows to perfection with brow pencils, powders, gels and more. Prep lids smoothly for enhanced shadow and liner wear with creamy primers and concealers.

Finish eye looks with show-stopping shine using Maybelline’s selection of eye gloss toppers and glittery loose pigments. Or make eyes pop from behind frames with colorful eyeshadow sticks applied on lower lash lines. Take your look to the next level by playing with these eye products. Eyeliner might define the eyes, but shadows, mascara, brows and sparkle are the icing on the cake!

Together with its impressive range of face makeup – from seamless foundation to blush, bronzer, highlight and contour – Maybelline truly empowers you to create any entire look. Whether you’re seeking natural, glamorous, artistic or avant garde, these cosmetics have you covered. Complete your eyeliner and eye makeup with a flawless complexion base, defined cheeks and gorgeous lips.

One swipe of this unstoppable eyeliner is all it takes to elevate eyes and entire looks. Achieve stay-put definition, ample color payoff and precise application in one easy step. No more smudges or fading before you’re ready! Show off your beautiful eyes all day and night long with Maybelline’s waterproof mechanical black eyeliner pencil designed for bold, defined, lasting looks.


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