Maybelline Super Stay Under-eye Concealer – Full Coverage & 24HR Wear



Banish dark circles and brighten your under-eyes with the Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage Under-eye Concealer. This lightweight liquid concealer provides up to 24 hours of wear time with full coverage that doesn’t crease or fade. The paddle applicator makes it easy to blend and build coverage exactly where you need it.

Key Features

  • Full coverage, lightweight liquid concealer
  • Brightens and covers dark circles
  • Crease-resistant and fade-proof formula
  • Paddle applicator for easy blending
  • Up to 24 hours of wear time

This Maybelline concealer truly lives up to its “Super Stay” name. The pigment-rich formula offers opaque, full coverage that masks dark circles, spots, redness, and discoloration. Just a small amount blends smoothly onto the delicate under-eye area, providing natural-looking brightening without settling into fine lines or creases.

While some full-coverage concealers can look cakey or dry, the Super Stay has a flexible, lightweight texture that layers beautifully without feeling heavy. The formula contains goji berry and haloxyl, ingredients known for their brightening and anti-aging effects. This keeps your under-eyes looking fresh and youthful.


Start with clean, moisturized skin. Using the paddle applicator, dot the concealer directly onto dark circles or spots you wish to cover. Gently pat with your finger to blend the edges. For extra coverage, dot on additional product and blend again before setting with powder.

A little goes a long way with this highly-pigmented concealer. Use sparingly and build coverage gradually for the most natural finish. The paddle applicator makes it easy to reach the inner corners and apply precise amounts just where needed.

Long-Lasting Wear

While some concealers fade or crease after just a few hours of wear, the Super Stay formula is designed to last. The crease-resistant ingredients ensure the coverage stays put without settling into fine lines, even after 24 hours of wear. The concealer retains its smooth, natural-looking finish from day to night without needing touch ups.

Brightening Benefits

The Super Stay Under-eye Concealer doesn’t just hide dark circles – it also actively brightens your under-eye area with light-reflecting pigments. Your skin looks luminous and refreshed. The lightweight texture blends right into the skin without looking heavy or chalky, even for fair and light complexions.

Full Coverage

If you struggle to find a concealer that provides enough coverage, the Super Stay delivers. The intense pigmentation masks discoloration that other concealers fail to cover. Redness, dark spots, acne scars, birthmarks, and hyperpigmentation are no match for this full coverage formula.

Under-eye Perfection

The thin, fragile skin under the eyes needs special care. This concealer provides opaque coverage without tugging or stressing the delicate eye area. The flexibility of the formula prevents creasing in fine lines, while the brightening pigments make your under-eyes look well-rested.

24HR Wear Power

You can be confident your concealer will stay in place from your morning commute to date night drinks without needing touch ups. The transfer-resistant formula won’t smudge onto masks or sunglasses. Even through heat, humidity, and sweat, the coverage remains intact.


Settle into creases? Not this concealer. The flexible formula moves with your skin to prevent settling into fine lines or wrinkles over time. You’ll avoid the dreaded concealer “creasing” effect.

Easy Application

The angled paddle applicator makes it simple to apply and blend the concealer exactly where you want fuller coverage. Compared to doe foot applicators, the paddle provides more control and precision when dotting concealer onto smaller areas.

Lightweight Texture

Never cakey or heavy! This concealer features a lightweight liquid formula that layers well without feeling thick. The breathable texture won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. The thin consistency spreads smoothly without pulling on delicate under-eye skin.

Smoothes Fine Lines

Help smooth the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases around the eyes. The flexible formula prevents settling into creases while light-reflecting pigments help diminish the appearance of aging.

Upgrade your concealer game with the Maybelline New York Super Stay Under Eye Concealer. This full coverage, crease-resistant formula will brighten your under eyes while lasting for up to 24 hours. The unique applicator makes blending a breeze. For undetectable, fade-proof concealer coverage, choose Super Stay.


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