Maybelline New York Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown – Precise, Smudge-Free Lines That Last All Day



Define and intensify your eyes with the Maybelline New York Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown. This eyeliner goes on smooth and delivers crisp, precise lines that last up to 24 hours without smudging or transferring. The innovative formula is enriched with deep pure pigments that provide rich, intense color payoff.

Get Bold, Dramatic Eyes in One Easy Stroke

The tapered felt tip applicator allows you to effortlessly create any look you desire, from subtle daytime definition to bold, dramatic cat eyes for night. The slender tip gives you complete control, making it easy to draw superfine lines or build up thickness in seconds. The eyeliner glides on fluidly, requiring no tugging or skipping.

Waterproof, Smudge-Free Formula Stays Put All Day

While ordinary eyeliners fade, smudge, and run, the Ultra Liner clings to lids and lining stays put. The waterproof formula is sweat-, humidity-, tear-, and transfer-resistant, keeping your eyes lined flawlessly from morning ‘til midnight. No need for constant touchups. The precision felt tip never loses its shape, ensuring hassle-free application every time.

Deep, Intense Brown Pigment

The deep pure brown pigments create a rich, deep brown that flatters all eye colors and complexions. Define eyes with classic brown liner or create a smokey eye look. The intensely pigmented formula allows for versatile wear – line eyes subtly for day or build up color for head-turning drama at night.

Ophthalmologist-Tested and Suitable for Sensitive Eyes

This eyeliner is suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. It has been rigorously tested by ophthalmologists and found to be safe for use on the inner eyelid and waterline. The formula is free of parabens, fragrances, and other irritants that can cause discomfort.

Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pen for Flawless Definition

Achieve flawlessly defined eyes that turn heads with the Maybelline Ultra Liner. The precision felt tip allows you to effortlessly create any look while the waterproof formula ensures it stays in place all day and night. Get standout eyes in one easy stroke!

How to Apply

Start by prepping eyelids with concealer and powder to create a smooth canvas.

Gently pull the skin taut and rest your elbow on a flat surface for stability. Begin at the inner corner of the eye, using short strokes to draw along the lashline.

Work outward, slowly building thin, hairlike strokes. Connect the liner from inner to outer corner in one smooth motion.

Cap the tip while not in use to keep the applicator saturated.

To remove, use micellar water or an oil-based makeup remover to gently dissolve liner. Avoid rubbing.

Tips for the Perfect Cat Eye

Look down into a mirror so you can see your lid clearly. Use the slanted tip to make the wing angled upward.

Start with just a small flick. You can always make it longer or thicker.

Draw bottom lash line first, then trace back over it when doing top lash line. Connecting them together creates symmetry.

Apply liner with eyes open to account for hoods or folds. Make adjustments to shape as needed.

Use eye shadow to conceal any gaps or unevenness in liner application.

Take your time! Rushing causes shaky lines. Short, feathery strokes give you the most control.

How to Get a Smooth Line

Prep lids with primer to create a smooth base.

Shake the pen before use to saturate the felt tip.

Wipe excess product off the applicator before applying.

Use a light touch – barely grazing the skin. Let the pen do the work.

If liner applies unevenly, run the pen along the inner cap to reshape the tip.

Gently pull lid taut while lining eyes to smooth over any wrinkles.

Finish by sealing liner with matching shadow for a perfect line.

How to Make Liner Last All Day

Always start by lining clean, dry lids – avoid moisturizers before liner application.

Dust lids with translucent powder after primer to absorb excess oil.

Make sure liner is completely dry before applying eye makeup or powder over top.

Set liner by patting jet-black shadow over top using a damp angled brush.

Spritz makeup setting spray after completing your eye look. Focus on the eye area.

Blot lightly over eyeliner with a tissue to pick up any oils throughout the day.

Bring the liner with you for quick touch ups!

Tips for Dramatic, Intense Color Payoff

Shake the pen vigorously before applying for highly saturated tip.

Wipe away excess product on the applicator for precise lines.

Apply liner to bare lids before eye makeup for direct contact.

Press and wiggle the pen in short strokes to deposit maximum pigment.

Line eyes first with a matching pencil for a creamy, vibrant base.

Start lining the roots of upper lashes to get color closer to the lashline.

Apply two coats, letting the first dry before going over it again.

Set the liner with either matching powder shadow or black shadow for extra intensity.


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