Maxpearl Digital Waxing Kit for At-Home Hair Removal – Hard Wax Beads for Sensitive Skin



Experience smooth, hairless skin for weeks with the Maxpearl Digital Waxing Kit. This at-home waxing system includes a precision wax warmer, hard wax beads for sensitive skin, and applicator sticks to remove hair safely and effectively.

Specially formulated waxes target everything from eyebrows to legs. The digital wax heater allows customizable temperature control for optimal results. All the tools you need for DIY waxing!

Digital Wax Warmer for Consistent Results

The adjustable LCD wax warmer heats hard wax beads to the ideal temperature for multiple body areas. Select between 122°F to 158°F.

Consistent heat prevents burning while melting 3.5oz of wax in just 10 minutes. The aluminum wax pot detaches for easy cleaning.

Built with durable ABS plastic, this professional wax heater is safer and longer lasting than traditional crockpots.

Multi-Formula Hard Wax Beads

This kit includes 4 bags of hard wax beads optimized for different body parts and hair types:

  • Lavender Wax – For bikini, underarms, arms
  • Jasmine Wax – For coarse leg and body hair
  • Cream Wax – For face, eyebrows, upper lip
  • Blue Wax – For back, chest, legs

Hard wax encapsulates hairs and lifts them directly from the follicle for less pain. Ideal for sensitive areas!

Wax Applicator Sticks

20 wooden wax applicator sticks allow for hygienic and precise wax application. 10 large sticks are ideal for bigger areas like legs and arms. 10 smaller sticks apply wax to more delicate areas like upper lip and brows.

High-quality wood won’t break off or splinter during waxing. Single-use sticks prevent bacterial transfer between sessions.

DIY Waxing Made Easy

This all-inclusive waxing kit provides everything needed for at-home hair removal from head to toe!

Safely and effectively remove hair from the roots for lasting smoothness. Delay regrowth for 4-8 weeks.

Salon-quality waxes minimize irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs. Suitable for all skin types.

Tips for At-Home Waxing:

  • 🧖 Exfoliate skin prior to waxing
  • 💅 Apply wax in direction of hair growth
  • ✂️ Pull wax strip opposite of growth
  • 🛀 Avoid sun exposure after waxing
  • 😊 Moisturize daily between sessions

Get touchably smooth skin from head to toe with the Maxpearl Digital Waxing Kit. Everything needed for safe, easy DIY waxing!


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