Mavoro Shaving Mirror for Shower – Frameless Acrylic Wall Mirror with 3M Adhesive



Lather up for your closest shave yet with the Mavoro Shaving Mirror for Shower. This fog-resistant acrylic mirror sticks securely to shower walls with a low-profile 3M adhesive strip for a sleek, built-in look.

The unframed design and crystal clear reflection provide an optimal view for grooming. Safely monitor kids during bath time or use it anywhere thanks to the shatterproof acrylic.

Frameless for a Built-In Look

Unlike bulky shower mirrors, the Mavoro features a streamlined frameless design and narrow 3M adhesive that mimics high-end built-in mirrors.

The discreet strip adds modern style that blends into subway tiles, marble, or any shower material. Ideal for renters seeking a custom look without the hassle of drilling holes.

Position the mirror at eye level for the perfect shaving and grooming view. It sticks tightly so there’s no need to worry about moisture seeping behind.

Fog-Resistant for Clear Visibility

This shatterproof acrylic mirror resists fogging better than traditional glass to keep your reflection clear as you shave or apply makeup.

While not 100% fog-free, the condensation clears more quickly so you can carry on grooming. No more waiting for the mirror to defog!

Monitor your face closely while trimming beard lines or shaping brows. See clearly even in the steamiest showers.

Safer than Glass for Kids & Adults

Acrylic plastic provides the same crystal clear reflection as real glass without the risk of shattering.

Safely keep an eye on playing kids during bath time. No scattered shards to worry about if accidentally knocked off the wall.

Adults can shave stress-free, especially useful for those with coordination challenges. The non-glass material makes this a multi-purpose mirror for any room.

Secure 3M Adhesive Strip

The included 3M Command strip adheres firmly to hold the mirror in place. Once pressed onto the wall, it’s virtually impossible to remove!

Ensure the 7”x9” mirror is positioned precisely where you want it before sticking. The adhesive won’t damage surfaces when removed.

Provides a safer alternative to drilling holes or using suction cups that frequently fall.

Design Any Space with Mirrors

This ultra-thin acrylic mirror adds modern style anywhere – not just the shower!

Use it on closet doors to see outfits from all angles. Apply to bedroom walls for an illuminated vanity. Add to office cubicles or dorm rooms.

Place multiple mirrors together for a stylish accent wall. This adhesive mirror is endlessly versatile.

Frameless Shower Mirror Features:

  • ⚙️ 7”x9” acrylic plastic mirror
  • 🧼 Low-profile 3M adhesive strip
  • 🚿 Fog-resistant for clear reflection
  • 💧 Safer than glass for bathrooms
  • ✂️ Frameless, streamlined look

Lather, shave and groom your way to looking sharp with the slimline Mavoro Shaving Mirror. Stick it, see it, love it!


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