Masirs 360° Rotating Makeup Organizer – Adjustable Height Cosmetics Storage for Countertop or Dresser



Tidy up your vanity and maximize your storage space with the Masirs 360° Rotating Makeup Organizer. This innovative cosmetics carousel rotates a full 360 degrees so you can easily access all your beauty products in one compact space.

Six adjustable trays and two hidden bottom compartments keep everything from eyeshadow palettes to hair brushes organized and within reach. The clear acrylic construction looks sleek on any countertop while providing full visibility of your items.

Spin for Easy Access to All Your Cosmetics

The unique rotating design is perfect for small bathrooms or crowded countertops. A quick spin gives you access to all sides without having to reach around or shift things around.

Keep everyday essentials like mascara, lip gloss and face creams on the front row. Stock hair tools and styling products in the bottom compartments. Then organize eyeshadows, foundations, perfumes and extras on the inner rows.

With everything in one place, getting ready is quick and easy. No more rummaging through cluttered drawers or disorganized makeup bags.

Adjustable Trays for Ultimate Flexibility

The six removable trays can be positioned at different heights along the inner pillars to accommodate various product sizes. Keep taller bottles and brushes on the bottom row, then stagger shorter items like blush compacts and eyeliner pencils on the upper trays.

Conveniently customize the layout based on your storage needs. Easily move trays up or down to make more room for new products. The adjustability ensures you can store hundreds of cosmetics, tools and accessories in this all-in-one organizer.

Maximum Storage Capacity for All Your Beauty Essentials

This cosmetics carousel features a slim footprint that takes up minimal counter space, yet holds all your skin care, makeup, brushes, hair accessories and more:

  • Store up to 18 standard-size makeup palettes
  • Fit over 30 lipsticks and lip glosses
  • Organize hair brushes, combs and styling tools
  • Corral perfumes, lotions, masks and skin care
  • Hold dozens of eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers

Keep your vanity clutter-free with this all-in-one beauty organizer. Family and friends will love it too for dorm rooms, RVs, apartments and other small spaces.

Durable, Easy to Clean Acrylic

The Masirs organizer features shatter-resistant acrylic plastic construction to keep your items protected and displayed. The transparent design looks modern and elegant on countertops.

When it’s time to clean your cosmetics collection, simply detach the trays and wipe down with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh cleaners that could scratch the clear acrylic over time.

Dust and wipe the carousel as needed to keep your beauty essentials hygienic and organized. All materials are waterproof and built to last.

Pretty and Practical Storage for Vanities

Maximize your countertop or dresser storage with this space-saving 360 rotating organizer. Consolidate all your cosmetics, skincare, hair tools and accessories into one convenient spot.

Spin the carousel to instantly access any beauty product you need. Adjust the tray height to fit your specific collection. It takes the hassle out of getting ready each day.

An ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, college and more. Surprise the beauty lover in your life with this functional yet stylish storage solution.

Your All-in-One Cosmetics Organizing Solution

  • 💄 Stores makeup, skincare, brushes, tools & more
  • 🎀 Adjustable tray heights fit various products
  • ⏰ Quick access rotates 360 degrees
  • ⭐ Clear acrylic displays contents
  • ✨ Perfect for countertops and dressers

Cut down your getting ready time and enjoy the luxury of organized beauty storage with the Masirs Rotating Makeup Organizer.


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