Indulge in an Aromatherapy Spa Experience Anytime with Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel



Step into the shower and allow the refreshing original scent of Neutrogena Rainbath to transport you to a luxurious spa. The uplifting blend of fruits, herbs, and spices in this refreshing and moisturizing daily shower gel provides a clean burst that awakens your senses and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

With its rich, creamy lather that rinses clean without heavy residue, Rainbath transforms an ordinary shower or bath into a pampering at-home aromatherapy experience. Let the enticing scents of spices, fruits and herbs envelop you as Rainbath’s moisturizing formula with glycerin gently cleanses and conditions. Your skin will feel clean, supple and nourished.

The Benefits of Neutrogena’s Original Rainbath Formula

Neutrogena Rainbath contains a unique blend of moisturizing ingredients like glycerin to soften skin while you cleanse. This dermatologist-tested, soap-free formula won’t overdry or strip skin of natural oils. Gentle enough for daily use for the whole family, Rainbath leaves just a light, clean scent behind after rinsing.

The rich lather rinses clean without heavy buildup or filmy residue, making it a great body wash for shaving legs and underarms. The creamy gel lubricates for a close, comfortable shave and leaves skin smooth. Rainbath is so versatile, you can use it as a:

Refreshing daily shower gel
Moisturizing bath gel
Soothing shaving gel
Gentle bubble bath
Experience the Delightful Aromas

One of the signature features of Neutrogena Rainbath is its vibrant, complex Original scent. This uplifting blend combines essences of:

Spices: Nutmeg and clove invigorate the senses
Herbs: Clary sage and rosemary provide an earthy backdrop
Fruits: Orange, lemon and lime add a bright citrus zing
When blended, these natural fragrance ingredients create a sensory escape that energizes your shower. Rainbath’s scent lingers lightly on skin after rinsing, leaving you refreshed and revived.

Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel Highlights:

33.8 fluid ounces of product
Features a twist-off cap and pump dispenser for easy use
Original scent with a refreshing blend of fruits, herbs and spices
Soap-free, dermatologist-tested formula
Moisturizing gel formula infused with glycerin
Creates a rich lather that rinses clean
Gentle enough for daily use by all skin types
Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished
Can be used as a shower gel, bath gel, shave gel or bubble bath
Made in the USA
Give the Gift of Luxury

With its beautiful aqua blue packaging and uplifting scent blend, Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel makes a wonderful gift. The 33.8 ounce size means you get a lot of product to enjoy.

Rainbath is perfect for:

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts
Holiday or hostess gifts
Bridal showers
Gifts for teachers and co-workers
Or give the gift of luxury to yourself! There’s no better way to start your day than with an aromatherapy pick-me-up in the shower. Let Rainbath transport you to a relaxing spa-like experience with the turn of your shower handle.

A Shower Gel with a Soothing History

The refreshing, pick-me-up scent of Neutrogena Rainbath has been enjoyed for over 50 years! This stimulating shower gel was Neutrogena’s first product launched in 1956. For decades it has been providing a little luxury and aromatherapy-inspired pampering during daily showers.

Rainbath is the #1 best-selling Neutrogena product of all time. While the formula has been enhanced over the years, fans still love the Original scent that turned Neutrogena into a trusted skincare brand. Rainbath continues to be loved by generations as a beauty classic.

Pick Up a Bottle Today!

Treat yourself to the uplifting aromas and moisturizing lather of Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel. A long day calls for the sensory pick-me-up of Rainbath’s energizing blend of fruits, herbs and spices as you unwind under the steamy spray.

For a soothing, spa-like experience at home every day, add a bottle of Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel to your shopping cart now!


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