Givenchy Organza Eau De Parfum for Women, Alluring Floral Scent with Lasting Allure



Transport yourself to a magical garden filled with enchanting florals with Givenchy’s Organza Eau De Parfum. This alluring perfume envelops you in a blend of fresh, delicate flowers and warm, rich woods for a captivating scent that lingers.

An Ethereal Floral Bouquet

At the heart of Organza lies a bouquet of ethereal florals, featuring notes of lily, rose, jasmine, violet, and gardenia. The crisp green opening blooms into a floral heart, with the soft petals of each flower intertwining in perfect harmony. Organza’s floral notes are bright yet gentle, evoking the beauty of a lush garden in full bloom.

Rich, Warm Woods

Nestled within Organza’s floral bouquet lies a trio of precious woods. Sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver infuse the fragrance with warmth and richness, rounding out the floral heart with an earthy depth. The sandalwood adds a creamy sensuality, while the vetiver and cedar provide a woody edge. Together, these woods transform Organza into a multi-faceted scent.

Sophisticated, Lasting Allure

From its first ethereal notes to its warm, lingering base, Organza captivates with sophisticated allure. The composition has a delicate sillage, meaning it stays close to the skin and leaves a subtle, intimate trail. And while the florals sparkle with freshness, Organza’s longevity ensures the scent remains on your skin for hours. This perfume truly captures timeless elegance.

The Essence of Eternal Beauty

Organza represents the true essence of beauty possessed by every woman. Like an organza fabric flowing in the breeze, this fragrance embodies femininity, grace, and mystique. Organza feels romantic yet modern, conjuring images of billowing fabrics and English gardens. Its floral heart speaks to every woman’s inner radiance and charm.

A Versatile Signature Scent

With its blend of radiant florals and earthy woods, Organza serves as a sophisticated signature scent. Its elegant composition makes it ideal for day or night, work or weekends. Organza transitions seamlessly from the office to evenings out, complementing everything from professional looks to date night attire. Its allure remains constant in any setting.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Organza’s timeless, sophisticated scent makes it an essential addition to any fragrance wardrobe. As a perfume by Givenchy, Organza represents French elegance at its finest. The combination of fresh florals, sensual woods, and feminine charm gives Organza universal appeal across seasons and age groups. Keep this bottle displayed proudly on your vanity – Organza is a treasure.

How to Apply

To allow Organza’s intricate bouquet to fully blossom, apply the perfume to pulse points on your wrists, neck, and d├ęcolletage. Mist the fragrance from 6 inches away to prevent over-application. Let the perfume set for a moment before dressing, allowing your natural warmth to activate the notes. Organza’s floral heart notes will rise as the perfume dries down.

Complete the Givenchy Experience

Pair Organza with other Givenchy fragrances and cosmetics to fully immerse yourself in the brand’s timeless elegance and Parisian chic. The floral Gentleman Eau de Parfum makes an alluring counterpart to Organza for him. And Givenchy’s Le Rouge lipsticks and Prisme Libre loose powders perfectly complement the feminine mystique of Organza.

Let Organza transport you to a world of romantic, sophisticated beauty. This floral fragrance releases your inner grace and charm. Spritz on this Givenchy perfume to envelop yourself in an unforgettable essence that embodies the true spirit of womanhood.


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