Give Your Child the Gift of Imagination with Metker Unicorn and Mermaid Temporary Tattoos!



Let your child explore the magical worlds of unicorns and mermaids with this set of 260 high quality, waterproof temporary tattoos from Metker. With 13 different unicorn designs and 13 different mermaid designs, your child will have a vast ocean of creativity and fantasy to dive into.

The Metker temporary tattoos are made using cutting edge technology to ensure vibrant colors that won’t fade or smudge easily. The innovative waterproofing means they can withstand splashing in the pool or bath time play. Each tattoo is finely detailed and made with safe, non-toxic materials perfect for sensitive young skin.

An Imaginative Play Experience That Lasts

Metker temporary tattoos are designed to stick and stay on for 4-6 days or more of magical make believe. Your child can adorn themselves with majestic unicorns one day and transform into a beautiful mermaid princess the next. The tattoos won’t wash off easily, meaning the whimsical adventures can continue on and on.

With 13 sheets packed with unicorns and 13 sheets packed with mermaids, you get a total of 260 temporary tattoos in this enchanting set. Let your child mix and match designs or decorate themselves from head to toe as their favorite mythical creature. The only limit is their imagination!

Made for Safe Use on All Skin Types

Metker temporary tattoos are specially formulated to be gentle on your child’s delicate skin. They are non-toxic and free from substances that can cause irritation. Even children with sensitive skin can enjoy the fun without worry.

The dyes used to create the magical designs are compliant with strict EU and U.S. safety regulations. You can rest assured knowing the inks used are child-safe.

Simple Self-Application for Independent Play

Metker temporary tattoos are designed so your child can apply them independently, encouraging self-expression and creativity. Simply cut out the desired design, place it face down on the skin, dampen with water, and hold for 15 seconds. Slowly remove the paper backing and voila – magical body art appears!

Watch your child light up with pride as they adorn themselves with unicorns, mermaids, rainbows, stars, and more. The tattoos are easy enough for kids as young as 3 years old to apply independently. Though you may need to help the littlest mermaid princesses.

Endless Uses Beyond Body Art

Metker temporary tattoos can stick to more than just skin for versatile creative play. The possibilities are endless!

Your child can decorate their favorite toys, school supplies, mirrors, walls, furniture, and other surfaces. Turn a plain plastic cup into a personalized mermaid chalice. Give the family pet some mystical unicorn flair. Let your child’s creativity shine everywhere.

The waterproof tattoos hold tight and won’t leave behind sticky residue or damage surfaces. Decorative possibilities are limited only by your child’s imagination.

Ultimate Party Favor Your Child’s Friends Will Love

Metker temporary tattoos make perfect party favors or stocking stuffer gifts. At your child’s next mermaid or unicorn themed birthday party, these temporary tattoos will be a huge hit. Hand them out as prizes or treats and watch the kids go wild with delight!

The tattoos also work great for summer pool parties and trips to the beach or water park. The waterproof design means the magical body art will stay put for hours of water play and adventure.

Give the Gift of Endless Creativity and Imagination

Let your child immerse themselves in a fantasy world of mythical and magical mermaids, unicorns, rainbows, stars, castles, and more with Metker temporary tattoos. With 260 beautifully detailed, safe, waterproof, and long-lasting tattoos in this set, there are endless ways for your child to explore their creativity and inner artist.

Suitable for girls and boys ages 3+ who love mermaids, unicorns, and fantasy fun. Give the gift of imagination today!


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