Get Salon-Quality Hair Color Results at Home with the Pimoys Root Comb Applicator Bottle for Easy, Mess-Free Application



Tired of the hassle and mess that comes with coloring your hair at home? Want an easier way to get professional looking results without paying salon prices? Introducing the revolutionary Pimoys Root Comb Applicator Bottle, the must-have tool for mess-free, evenly saturated hair color application right in your own bathroom.

With its innovative comb design, specially formulated nozzle, and easy-to-use pump handle, the Pimoys Applicator Bottle takes the frustration out of DIY hair coloring and gives you salon-quality results every time. No more gloved hands coated in dye. No more uneven color application. And no more hair color disasters!

Premium Quality for Reliable Performance

Constructed from high-quality plastic, the Pimoys Applicator Bottle is made to last through many hair coloring sessions. The 6 ounce bottle is lightweight yet durable with a leakproof design that securely seals in the hair color mixture until you’re ready to begin application.

The extra-long nozzle and comb attachment ensures you can easily target even the hardest to reach roots and layers without making a mess. And the measurement markings on the outside of the bottle allow you to accurately mix up just the right amount of color so there’s no waste.

Mess-Free, Easy Application Right to the Roots

Thanks to the unique comb nozzle, the Pimoys Applicator Bottle allows you to neatly apply hair color directly onto roots and touch up grow-out with precision.

The curved comb tines seamlessly separate and evenly saturate every strand of hair as you go for flawless coverage from root to tip. The salon-style nozzle gives you total control so you can target just the regrowth if needed without getting hair color all over the bathroom or on your skin and clothes.

Dual Pack for Added Value

For extra convenience and savings, the Pimoys Applicator Bottle comes in a pack of two so you always have a backup on hand for your next application. Share one with a friend or family member who also colors their hair at home.

The leakproof lids ensure unused product can be stored for future touchups and applications. And the applicator bottles can also be used for applying conditioners, hair masks, oils, and other hair care treatments.

Take Your DIY Hair Coloring to the Next Level

If you’re tired of paying outrageous prices at the salon for hair coloring services but can’t seem to get the results you want by doing it yourself at home, the Pimoys Applicator Bottle is here to help.

This innovative applicator bottle takes the hassle and mess out of at-home hair coloring so you can achieve beautiful, salon-worthy results without the expense and inconvenience of going to the salon.

Here’s why the Pimoys Applicator Bottle is a must-have for DIY hair colorists:

No More Gloved Hands Covered in Dye – The unique nozzle and comb applicator lets you neatly apply color right where you want it without getting it all over the place
Even Color Saturation from Root to Ends – The comb tines separate and evenly coat every strand for flawless coverage with no missed spots
Easy to Target Roots & Regrowth – The curved nozzle tip lets you precisely apply color just to the new growth to touch up between salon visits
Avoid Skin Staining – The applicator gives you more control so you can avoid messy splatters on your skin that can lead to stains
No Color Waste or Leaks – The leakproof bottle keeps unused color sealed in and ready for touchups later
Mess-Free Application – No splatters, drips or getting dye everywhere means your bathroom stays clean
Salon-Quality Results – Get gorgeous, long-lasting color with professional looking results done by yourself
Cost Effective – Save big bucks by skipping the salon and do it yourself with better results
For your most beautiful hair color yet without the hassle and expense of salon visits, be sure to get the Pimoys Root Comb Applicator Bottle. You’ll love how quick and easy it makes doing your own hair color at home. Your hair will thank you!


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