Frame Your Features With Defined, Beautiful Brows Using Maybelline’s Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil



Get ready to fall in love with your brows all over again! Introducing the newest must-have from Maybelline New York – the Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil. This innovative brow pencil makes it easier than ever to fill, define and shape your arches to perfection.

The teardrop-shaped tip allows you to effortlessly fill in sparse areas with hair-like strokes for a natural-looking fill, while the spoolie brush seamlessly blends the color and shapes your brows exactly how you want them. The ultra-fine tip also lets you draw in precise hair-like lines to define the arches to frame your features beautifully.

Say Goodbye to Brows That Are Too Dark, Too Blocky or Just Not Right

We’ve all been there – struggling to get our eyebrows just right day after day. Filling them in only to end up with dark, blotchy brows that look obviously penciled on. Or trying to get that perfect arch but somehow one brow always ends up more angled than the other.

It’s frustrating when you spend time doing your brows but just can’t get them to look natural and defined. That’s why Maybelline created this eyebrow pencil – to finally give you the perfect brows you’ve been dreaming of.

The pencil’s shade glides on effortlessly and blends beautifully to look like real hair. It allows you to fill in any sparse areas for fuller-looking brows, and the smooth formula prevents any dragging or skipping so you get a natural finish every time.

The spoolie lets you brush through the color to soften any harsh edges and perfectly blend for brows that are undetectably defined. With the micro-precise tip, you can outline the arches with hair-like strokes and use the flat edge to fill them in. This makes it easy to shape them identically for symmetry perfection.

Customize Your Arches – From Subtle Shading to Bold Defined

You can wear your brows bold and defined or soft and natural – this pencil makes it easy to customize them to your liking. For an everyday look, use delicate strokes to add subtle definition and warmth to your arches. To frame your eyes beautifully for night looks, apply more color to get shapely, structured brows.

The angled pencil tip allows you to draw on tiny hair-like lines that mimic real brows. And the spoolie lets you control the intensity – brush through the color for a soft, natural effect or leave it saturated for a bolder brow look.

It’s waterproof and smudge-proof so your defined arches will stay put from day to night without fear of smearing or fading. The color adheres perfectly to skin and hairs for long wear that doesn’t budge.

Frame Your Features Symmetrically for a Put-Together Look

Defined eyebrows that are symmetrical and proportional complete your makeup and give your whole face an instant lift. The Total Temptation Definer makes it easy to achieve balanced arches – the ultra-fine tip allows you to outline both brows identically so they curve with the same angle.

The unique teardrop shape lets you create hair-like strokes that perfectly mimic your natural brow hairs, filling any sparse areas with seamless color for an even appearance. And the spoolie blends the color so any edges are imperceptible, giving you flawless symmetry.

Sculpt arches that flatter your facial features and makeup look. The flat definer tip lets you fill in and shape the tails to lift your eyes and open up your gaze. Arch them to balance your facial proportions and frame your beautiful face.

Enhance Your Makeup Look With Perfectly Framed Eyes

Defined eyebrows pull together your entire makeup look and make your eyes stand out. Fill in sparse areas and shape your arches using the ultra-fine tip and edge to frame your eyes flawlessly.

Sweep eyeshadow onto your lids and line your eyes with liquid liner or kohl pencil, then use the spoolie to comb through your brows so they balance your eye makeup. Allowing them to fade can make your eyes compete for attention, but framing them with defined brows makes your eye look cohesive.

For special occasions like parties or weddings, use the pencil to create bold, structured arches that complement smoky and glam eye looks. The waterproof formula ensures your arches stay striking no matter how long the event lasts.

Every day, enhance your natural beauty by blending just a touch of color through your brows. The pencil’s smooth formula creates soft definition that lifts your eyes and complements your facial features. Customize them each day to match your mood and makeup!

A Must-Have Addition to Your Makeup Collection

For beautiful, natural-looking definition, the Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil is a must-have addition to your makeup collection. The unique teardrop tip makes filling and shaping easy and effortless, for flawless arches every time.

Trust Maybelline, the brand eye makeup experts for more than 100 years, to help you achieve your best brows. Define and fill them in to finally get the perfect frame for your gorgeous eyes and flawless makeup look.


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