Define Your Look with Maybelline’s TattooStudio Eyeliner



Make a Statement with Rich, Bold Color that Lasts for 36 Hours

Finding the perfect eyeliner that provides intense color payoff, glides on smoothly, and actually stays put all day long is no easy feat. That’s why Maybelline scientists have engineered their innovative TattooStudio Eyeliner Pencil to deliver on all fronts. This eyeliner pencil features a uniquely designed core that combines long-lasting gel pigments with antioxidants for color that remains true. The creamy formula glides on without tugging or skipping, providing the perfect amount of playtime before it sets. Once it does set, it won’t budge – we’re talking up to 36 hours of fade and smudge-resistant wear!

So whether you’re looking to create subtle definition along your lashline, go bold with a graphic cat eye, or anything in between, TattooStudio Eyeliner has you covered. The deeply pigmented formula allows you to layer as needed to achieve your desired level of intensity, from soft and smoky to striking and dramatic. And with the built-in sharpener, you can keep precision sharp.

Flaunt Long-Lasting Color in Every Shade Under the Sun

TattooStudio Eyeliner comes in a wide range of beautiful shades to suit any look or mood. From rich blacks and chocolates for smoldering bedroom eyes, to electric blues and purples for an unexpected pop of color, to shimmery golds and whites for events and nights out. Some of our favorite shades include:

Deep Onyx – an ultra-black shade for definition that’s anything but basic. This rich true black provides unparalleled intensity that makes eyes mesmerizingly bold.

Lush Forest – a deep hunter green that’s perfect for those with green or hazel eyes looking to make them pop. It also pairs beautifully with purples and golds for a dimensional, unexpected look.

Violet Vamp – an electrifying violet for when you want to turn heads. The bright glossy finish looks striking on its own or layered with black for added depth.

Blazing Blue – because who says you can’t wear blue eyeliner? This shade is ideal for summer looks and adding a fun pop of color.

White Warrior – open up tired eyes and brighten your gaze with this stark white liner on the lower waterline. It also makes colors on the lids and upper lashline really stand out.

Chocolate Fix – a creamy dark brown that flatters all eye colors and skin tones. Use it in place of black for a softer daytime definition.

And with new limited edition shades launching all the time, there’s always an exciting new option to play with!

Engineered to Glide and Define with Ease

Gliding on smoothly and delivering crisp, consistent lines can be a challenge, but TattooStudio Eyeliner makes it easy thanks to its uniquely smooth core. Rather than dragging and skipping on the delicate skin of the eyelids, the silky formula provides a controlled, fluid application. This allows you to create virtually any eyeliner look with precision, from barely-there definition at the lashline to sweeping cat eyes, dramatic flicks, and bold graphic liner art.

The chiseled tip makes lining your eyes effortless, while the tapered design lets you vary line thickness and intensity. Whether you need subtle definition or want to make a bold statement, this does-it-all pencil has got you covered. The attached sharpener ensures the tip remains fine and precise for masterfully shaping and filling in brows as well.

In short, TattooStudio Eyeliner truly performs like a liquid liner without any of the mess or dry-out issues.

Up to 36 Hours of Transfer and Smudge-Resistant Wear

While exceptional color payoff, smooth application, and versatility are must-haves in an eyeliner, long wear is the ultimate necessity. TattooStudio Eyeliner excels in this department, swiping on vibrant, flexible color that won’t fade, run, or smudge over hours and hours of wear. In fact, it provides up to 36 hours of transfer and fade-resistant payoff. Talk about tattoo-like tenacity!

The key lies in the liner’s gel-based formula that quickly dries down to a flexible finish. This means that once applied, the color stays locked in place come rain or shine, gym workouts or beach days. No amount of rubbing, smoothing, crying, or even swimming will cause the sharp edges and vibrant tones to fade or disappear.

This marathon-worthy staying power ensures your eyes will remain gorgeously defined around the clock. Skip the midday touchups and late-night re-application. This eyeliner has got you covered morning to night.

Play All Day, Wear It Your Way

With exceptional tenacity also comes removal ease. As unbudging as it is during wear, TattooStudio Eyeliner can be swiftly dissolved away with standard makeup remover or cleansing oil at the end of the day. No aggressive scrubbing or irritating tugging required.

The formula is also ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. So play away and customize your look knowing it will hold up beautifully but come off cleanly when you’re ready.

Unleash Your Inner Makeup Artist

Makeup is the ultimate form of self-expression. Whether you’re looking for an everyday subtle enhancement or wanting to show off your artistic flair, TattooStudio Eyeliner equips you with bold, vivid color to amplify your unique beauty.

Line your eyes in crisp black for understated definition or sweeping cat eye flair. Get playful with vibrant pops of blue, purple, green and let your eyes make a statement. Flaunt next-level graphic liner art or avant garde color combinations. With intense color payoff, effortless glide, and rock-solid staying power, TattooStudio makes it easy to unleash your inner artist.

Your eyes communicate so much about who you are. Make them unapologetically bold.

Maybelline Is the No.1 Makeup Brand Worldwide

As the top global makeup brand, Maybelline has spent over 100 years innovating accessible, on-trend cosmetics designed to make a statement. By combining technologically advanced formulas with on-pulse inspiration, Maybelline empowers makeup lovers of all ages and skin tones to express their personal style.

TattooStudio Eyeliner represents the brand’s passion for creating high-performing products that make it simple for everyone to flaunt their boldest, baddest self. This eyeliner arrives ready to deliver next-level intensity, ease of use, and staying power for creating show stopping eyes that command attention.

Put Maybelline’s TattooStudio Eyeliner to the test and experience intense gel pigments, waterproof longevity, and bold definition for yourself. Your eyes are your story – make them unforgettable.


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