CLINIQUE Happy Heart Perfume Spray 3.4 oz



Find your happy place with the uplifting floral scent of Clinique Happy Heart. This refreshing women’s perfume opens with a burst of vibrant mandarin and guava for an instant mood boost. At the heart, a floral bouquet of white freesia, purple orchid, and water hyacinth blooms with joy and femininity. Finally, creamy musks envelop you in soft warmth and comfort for a scent that’s optimistic from top to bottom.

Top Notes

The top notes of Clinique Happy Heart perfume feature an exhilarating duo of mandarin and guava. The tart citrus of mandarin orange immediately brightens your day, while juicy guava adds a tropical twist. Together they create an instant mood-lifter that’s perfect for anytime you need a positive pick-me-up.

Heart Notes

At the heart of this perfume, a gorgeous floral accord evokes feelings of warmth and femininity. Dewy white freesia blooms with delicate petals and a sweet, honeyed scent. Vibrant purple orchids add depth and drama with their exotic, velvety aroma. Cool water hyacinth brings a fresh wateriness, like floating lazily down a tranquil stream. These florals intertwine in perfect harmony for a bouquet that’s flirtatious, romantic, and effervescent.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes create a soft landing with creamy, enveloping musks. Subtle hints of amber wood add depth and sensuality, while cashmere wood smoothes any rough edges. The musks leave a trail of optimism and comfort, so you feel uplifted from morning to night. A touch of vanilla accentuates the floral heart notes for a well-rounded fragrance.

When to Wear It

With its bright citrus opening and feminine floral heart, Clinique Happy Heart is ideal for daytime wear. Spritz it on in the morning to start your day on a positive note. The radiant white florals and soft musks make it perfect for work, running errands, or lunch with friends. For date night, this perfume adds a romantic vibe with a hint of flirtation. Its moderate sillage means it won’t overwhelm in close quarters.

Who It’s For

Clinique Happy Heart is a fantastic perfume for women who have an upbeat, optimistic outlook on life. Its vibrant energy evokes a youthful attitude not bound by age. The floral composition has a distinctly feminine appeal, making it a great choice for romantic ladies. It’s casual enough for everyday, but also special enough for evenings out. For best results, apply to pulse points like the wrists, neck, and d├ęcolletage.

About the House of Clinique

Clinique is renowned for creating perfumes that capture happiness and joyful feelings. Founded in 1968, the house rejects trends in favor of crafting scents with timeless appeal. Their creations are designed to make women feel confident, vibrant, and beautiful in their own skin. Clinique fragrances like Happy, Happy Heart, and Aromatics Elixir have become beloved classics around the world.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Add Clinique Happy Heart to your perfume collection as a gorgeous floral suitable for day or night. Let its optimistic energy lift your mood whenever you need a positive boost. For casual daytime wear, try the original Clinique Happy with its sparkling citrus and floral notes. For evenings out, choose the sensual Clinique Aromatics Elixir with its warm woody aroma. With Clinique’s perfectly balanced scents, you’ll have a fragrance for every occasion.


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