Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, Iconic Floral-Aldehyde Fragrance, 3.4 oz



Experience the timeless elegance of Chanel No. 5, the world’s most iconic fragrance for women. This floral-aldehyde masterpiece was created in 1921 by perfumer Ernest Beaux and immediately captivated the senses of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel with its abstract, innovative composition. For a century, Chanel No. 5 has been synonymous with luxury, femininity, and style.

Top notes of ylang-ylang, lemon, and neroli awaken the senses with vibrancy and freshness. As the fragrance develops, jasmine, may rose, and lily of the valley add a bouquet of floral richness, while subtle hints of vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla provide depth and sophistication to the base notes. Aldehydes lend Chanel No. 5 its one-of-a-kind sparkle and luminous character that no other perfume can match.

Spray on this iconic elixir to surround yourself in a veil of timeless beauty and confident femininity. The clean, sophisticated scent evokes the style and spirit of the woman who wears it. Chanel No. 5 leaves a lasting impression that embodies luxury and good taste wherever you go.

An Iconic Masterpiece

When Chanel No. 5 made its debut in 1921, it changed the world of perfumery forever. For the first time, an abstract composition of synthetic aroma chemicals took center stage over more traditional single floral essences. The groundbreaking fragrance married natural ingredients with aldehydes, creating an entirely new olfactory experience.

Ernest Beaux, the perfumer who created the fragrance for Coco Chanel, called it “le monstre” during its development due to its bold and unexpected formula. Upon smelling sample number five, Mademoiselle Chanel knew she had found the fragrance that would change her life and ultimately make history.

The clean, minimalist bottle design echoes the abstract nature of the scent itself. Against the advice of others, Coco Chanel insisted on adorning the bottle with only the fragrance’s name and number, allowing the mysterious contents to speak for themselves. Today, the bottle remains just as iconic as the perfume inside.

Luxury Defined

Chanel No. 5 has come to represent luxury, sophistication, and glamour. Marilyn Monroe famously wore it to bed, confessing that a few drops were all she needed to wear to become enticing. Other celebrity devotees include Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou, and many more.

Beyond Hollywood, Chanel No. 5 retains an aspirational quality as the ultimate refined fragrance. The rich floral scent feels innocently elegant and feminine, evoking a graceful confidence within every woman who wears it. Spraying on this timeless perfume makes any moment feel special and luxurious.

While prices vary by size, Chanel No. 5 remains one of the world’s most expensive designer fragrances due to the exceptional quality of its ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. When you choose Chanel No. 5, you can trust that every drop delivers an experience as sophisticated and lovely as Coco Chanel herself.

How to Apply

Apply Chanel No. 5 delicately and deliberately to enjoy its nuanced evolution. Prime your wrists, neck, and décolletage with moisturizer before misting 2-3 sprays of the Eau de Parfum onto pulse points. Let the perfume settle for a few minutes to allow the top notes to fully develop.

As your body heat warms the fragrance, the heart notes will emerge over the next few hours, revealing added depth and complexity. Refresh with another 1-2 sprays as needed for all-day luxury. Chanel No. 5 is concentrated enough to notice, but never overpowering.

For date nights or special occasions, spray in your hair to leave a sillage of beauty that surrounds you. The iconic Chanel No. 5 bottle looks as elegant on a vanity as the scent feels to wear. Let this timeless treasure become your signature fragrance for life.


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