Add Instant Volume and Texture with Pete & Pedro SALT Natural Sea Salt Spray



Get ready to take your hairstyling to the next level with Pete & Pedro SALT Natural Sea Salt Spray. This amazing product adds incredible volume, texture, and thickness to give you fresh from the beach hair in an instant. Just a few spritzes will transform dull, flat hair into a head-turning style.

SALT is made with natural sea salt to provide light hold and a soft, touchable finish. The salt adds grit and texture that helps lift hair at the roots for eye-catching volume. And unlike hairsprays that can leave hair crunchy and sticky, SALT provides a soft, tousled texture you’ll love running your fingers through.

Volume and Texture for All Hair Types

No matter your hair length or thickness, SALT works its volumizing magic. Those with fine or thinning hair will love how it adds thickness and makes hair appear fuller. For those with thick hair, SALT helps lift and separate strands to prevent that dreaded triangle hair effect. Even curly and wavy hair types will benefit from extra bounce and definition.

SALT also adds amazing texture from roots to ends. The sea salt particles cling to and coat each strand—almost like a dry shampoo—to create that coveted, perfectly imperfect style.

Natural Ingredients Nourish Your Hair

While some salt sprays can dry out hair, SALT actually nourishes with its natural sea kelp formula. The kelp is a super moisturizer that keeps hair touchably soft and healthy no matter how much volume you add. Because kelp is such an amazing conditioner, SALT can be used daily without any risk of dry, straw-like hair.

Light Hold That Still Keeps Its Shape

Say goodbye to stiff, crunchy hair! SALT provides flexible hold that keeps your style in place while still staying soft and movable. Run your fingers through your hair and it will keep its shape. Or, scrunch and flip your hair as the day goes on for that lived-in, beachy look. The light hold is perfect for keeping hair textured between washes when you want to preserve your style a bit longer.

Wash Out With Ease

Some salt sprays and hair products can be notoriously difficult to wash out, leaving residue behind no matter how much you lather and rinse. Not SALT! The formula is water-soluble so it effortlessly rinses clean with just shampoo and water. No alcohol, parabens, silicones or other funky ingredients that could cause buildup. Your hair will be residue-free, healthy, and ready to style day after day.

How to Use

Shake well before each use.
Spritz evenly throughout damp or dry hair, concentrating most on the roots and mid-lengths. Use 6-10 sprays for short hair and 8-15 sprays for long hair.
Scrunch hair with your hands to encourage volume and texture.
Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser attachment for best volume.
Once dry, shake out and style as desired with your fingers for a tousled look.

Style Tips

Add volume to buns, braids, ponytails by spritzing SALT at the roots before styling up.
Cocktail with other styling products like pomade or mousse for extra hold and shine.
Use on second-day hair to refresh style and soak up oil.
Layer with heat protectant before blow drying for heat protection and shine.
Spray liberally throughout damp hair and scrunch with a t-shirt to enhance natural waves and curls. Let air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can women use SALT?

Absolutely! SALT works wonders for all hair types and textures to add volume and texture. Both men and women alike love it for boosting body at the roots.

How does SALT compare to other salt sprays?

SALT uses only premium natural ingredients and does not contain alcohol which can dry out hair. The nourishing sea kelp formula makes it gentle enough for daily use without stripping moisture. It washes out cleaner than many competing brands as well.

How long does SALT last?

Results last 2-3 days generally until your next shampoo. SALT may last longer if applied to clean, dry hair between washes.

Can SALT be used on color treated hair?

Yes, the formula is safe for color treated and chemically processed hair. But to be extra careful, concentrate application to the mid-lengths and ends and avoid direct contact with the roots.

Get Salon-Worthy Volume and Texture

Take your hair from flat to fab with SALT Sea Salt Spray. A few spritzes gives amazing body, texture, and flexible hold for any hair type and style. The nourishing formula adds thickness without dryness or stickiness. And the compliments will be pouring in on your beautiful beach-inspired hair.


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