At Innisfree, we believe true beauty comes from living in harmony with nature. That’s why we create high-performing, eco-conscious products powered by the goodness of plants from our own organic farms.

We promise to:

Simply put – we aim to deliver the safest, greenest and most sensorial beauty experience possible while spreading more good into the world.

Our Ingredients & Formulas

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. That’s why we takeingredient safety and transparency extremely seriously at Innisfree.

We formulate without over 2,000 potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in beauty and skincare products, including:

Instead, we turn to nature herself – repurposing the power of plants sustainably grown on our own farms on the green island of Jeju in South Korea.

Key ingredients we love to use include:

Camellia Flower Oil: Our hero ingredient, Camellia oil soothes and replenishes skin with omega-rich antioxidants. We call it “beauty green oil.”

Green Tea: Packed with antioxidants and amino acids, Jeju green tea calms sensitive complexions. We harness it straight from the pure green tea fields on our island.

Volcanic Clusters: Formed by the heat of Halla Mountain, these mineral-dense volcanic clusters detoxify and refine the skin.

Rice Bran Enzyme Powder: Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, rice bran enzyme gently buffs away dead skin cells to reveal vibrant skin.

Orchid Extract: Orchids grown on our farm help balance and nourish skin with their wealth of minerals and plant nutrients.

We formulate all products ourselves in our own laboratory in South Korea. Our product development process follows a “Safety + Nature + Sensory” philosophy to craft clean, sustainable formulas that feel as good as they work.

After initial safety and stability assessments, all products undergo rigorous consumer testing across various factors including:

This extensive testing ensures every Innisfree formula delivers a sensorial experience as luxurious as high-end products, while adhering to our strict safety and eco-conscious standards.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Earth does not belong to us – we belong to Earth. We take our environmental stewardship duty extremely seriously.

That means finding ways to reduce our ecological footprint across the entire supply chain – from ingredient sourcing to packaging to manufacturing processes.

Key ways we preserve planetary health:

Ingredient Sourcing


Manufacturing & Distribution

We also invest heavily into sustainability innovations to find better ways to reuse waste, upcycle ingredients, reduce energy demands, and make production and transportation cleaner.

And we transparently share the full environmental impact assessments for all our products so customers can shop mindfully.

Our Commitment to Positive Social Impact

Innisfree translates to “peaceful island.” Our name reflects our company’s quest to be an island of goodness – spreading more joy, kindness and justice through everything we do.

We aim to positively impact people and communities across three key areas:

1. Our Team

Our employees are family. We believe in fostering a supportive, inclusive culture where all team members feel encouraged to learn, grow and bring their full, authentic selves to work.

We provide:

We also give back 3% of profits annually to employees to fund causes they care about via our “3% Project.”

2. Our Industry

We proudly certify as a B Corporation, meeting rigorous standards around social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

We advocate for positive change in the beauty industry by:

3. Our Community

We partner with local Korean non-profits supporting women’s empowerment, youth education and responsible farming.

Internationally, we fund a number of initiatives including:

We also donate 1% of all sales to environmental and social impact programs making the world cleaner, kinder and more equitable.

Our Customers

Our customers are like family. We value each and every one.

We welcome all people equally – regardless of age, size, abilities, identity or beliefs. We celebrate the unique life story behind every purchase.

We strive to provide exceptional service and helpful advice tailored each person’s own skincare goals and concerns. Our aftercare team offers personalized support and guidance for getting the most out of products.

Ultimately, Innisfree customers share our love of nature, passion for eco-friendly products, and belief that beauty rituals should be sources of self-care rather than stress.

They understand sustainability is a journey. And want to join us making step-by-step progress towards greener, cleaner living for the wellbeing of people and planet.

Ready to join our little island of goodness?

We’d be thrilled to have you in our community. Browse the shop and let us know if you have any questions!